Tuesday, April 22

A Wonderful Online Country Community

Are you a country person who loves to learn about the country lifestyle. If so, you will love this website. It doesn't cost anything to join the community and you will be a part of the largest small town in the world. And you just might read something that yours truly has written while you're exploring the site.

eCountryLifestyle.com has something for everyone. It features nine magazines , video webinars, a jukebox and a variety of other interesting things for those who love the country lifestyle.

Magazines include:
Country Recreation
Green Thumb Gardener
Country Home
Country Kitchen
The Plane Truth
Country Creations
Angler's Inn
Hunter's Lodge
Horse Tales

In each of the magazines, there are four categories. Read about cycling, hiking or travel in Country Recreation. If gardening is your hobby, you will want to explore Vegetables and Herbs, Organic, Flowers and Landscaping. For those who are undertaking home renovations or redecorating projects, there is loads of information at Country Home. Learn about Remodeling and Repair, Furniture and Accents and Antiques and Art.

Country Kitchen gives tips and hints on Canning and Preserving, Heart Healthy, Outdoor Cooking, Cookbook Corner and Sweet Things. Pick up some recipes in this section and make a tasty new dish or two for your family.

The Plane Truth gives instruction for Projects, tips on Tools and Equipment and Finishing. Shop Talk always has interesting articles heaped full of tips to make do-it-yourself fun and easy. Country Creations includes Needlework, Ceramics and Pottery, Craft Projects and Candle and Soapmaking. This is a great place to learn how to decorate your home with things you have made yourself.

If you love fishing, drop by Angler's Inn to learn about fishing techniques, bait and more. Categories include Bass Fishing, Panfish, Walleye Pike and Muskie, Trout and Salmon and Catfish. Whether you're interested in tips on stink bait or the correct tools for the job, you will find it here.

Hunters will love exploring Hunter's Lodge where they can read about Deer, Big Game, Waterfowl and Upland Game. Learn how to create a Pheasant Food Plot, read about Hunting Canadian Geese or Calling in a Tom. These articles change frequently so I won't link to them, but there are always hints and tips in this section.

Horse Tales teaches horse lovers about Tack, Training, Trails and Arenas and Horse Sense. These articles allow the equine owner to better know his/her horse and they're always both interesting and informative.

Visit the Haystack for daily comics, crosswords and jigsaws. Play a game right on the site if you wish or join a club through the Clubhouse. Visit the Community Calendar to search for events taking place in your area or in areas where you'll be traveling.

The Trade Association Center will keep you up-to-date on new products, services and events across the US. If you represent a Trade Association, eCountryLifestyle has great ideas on how to enhance your public image. Just follow the link on the site.

Visit the Community Library to access the archives of all nine magazines and the subcategories. There is a wide variety of reading material available.

The Video Center offers webinars on a variety of subjects to keep you informed and "in the know." Another option is to browse photos in Moments in Time. There is lots of eye candy there for your to enjoy and you are able to choose the season you wish to view or even fun photos. You might even find something that I've submitted in this area.

eCountryLifestyle.com has something that you will most certainly enjoy if you are interested in any of the above subjects. Drop by and register as a Resident in order to take advantage of all the available options. I know you enjoy being a member of this country community.

Banner used with permission of eCountryLifestyle.com


  1. Wow, this sounds really interesting. I will check this out my friend.

  2. I've seen this link before but misplaced it. I'm glad you posted it today. How are things with you? Are the flowers coming out in full bloom?

  3. Mary,

    Thank you for the review of this online community. It sounds wonderful - something for everyone. I will check it out.


  4. Thank you very much for the heads up!
    I don't live in the country but enjoy anything about it just the same!

    ♥ Hugs ♥

  5. Mary,thank you for shareing this posting.I'll have to check this one out.

  6. Thanks for sharing this Mary. I am a country girl and will check it out! It sounds really interesting.

  7. Hi Mary....I'm getting ready to email you in a bit, but I wanted to leave you a comment first.

    To let you know that your blog has been added to the bloggers over 50 blog roll. Welcome. [you may have to refresh your browser to see that it is there actually. LOL]

    Now to tell you the truth, at one time in my life I was totally addicted to crossword puzzles. Any puzzle actually. I'd pick the little magazines up each month and work on them diligently. For some reason, I quit doing it. But I just may mosey on over to the Haystack link real soon.

    Happy day to you. I bet you're enjoying the sunshine. Or did the clouds and rain blow in afterall.

    See you in your email inbox in a bit.

  8. Hi Mary, Karen has posted.

    Did you find the card in the front of the journal that was for you. Sorry it isn't fancier but I am on the lookout for them now that I know you like them.
    Mama Bear

  9. Thanks I will have to go and check this out---sounds fun.
    I'll have to see if I can find "yours truly" over there. :)