Thursday, April 24


I finally got out into the garden for a bit today. Because of my hip and spinal injury, I can't do a lot at one time, but did get some of the debris out of my side garden. I knew it had to be done when I saw the tulips had bloomed. Yesterday they just had buds on them and today they are alive with color. I tried to take a photo, but my camera batteries had died once again. I recharged them and am hoping they keep their charge long enough for me to take photos tomorrow. I will then post them for Green Thumb Sunday.

My one lonely hyacinth bloom is spent. It was a lovely purple one. I had others, but suspect the squirrels feasted on them during our harsh winter. I don't have as many tulips as I did either and suspect they went the same way.

So, in honor of my tulip blooms, I found the graphic above on a public domain site and added the phrase to it so I could give it out to all my blogging friends. If you are reading this, please feel free to take a copy. You can share it with others if you wish. My blogging friends are certainly the blooms in the garden of life and I appreciate each one of you.

Please keep my hubby in your prayers. He has to see a specialist tomorrow morning. I do not have much confidence in this particular doctor and would like you to pray that he uses wisdom. If I am not happy with his diagnosis and treatment of hubby's condition, I am going back to the family doctor and asking him to refer him to the doctor that hubby saw two years ago for a similar but slightly different problem. I'm not sure why doctors refer you to someone different each time, but I like to see doctors in whom I have confidence. I don't hesitate to ask for a referral for a second opinion.
We were to have rain today, but it passed us by. We could have used an April Shower. The water levels have pretty much returned to normal and the gardens are begging for a drink. I thought first thing this morning that we would have rain. The sky was overcast until about noon and then the sun began to shine. It was a lovely day but this evening it turned much cooler. We are to have nice temperatures for a few days and then next week it is to get cool again. I'm hoping for some spring weather instead of it going directly from winter to summer. We just got rid of the heat bills and if it continues being so warm, I will have to turn on the air conditioner. I'd rather have a month or so without those bills. We need a break!

Not much other news from here. Brandon is back to school and his migraine is gone. Jordan is going back tomorrow. They will have some catching up to do.

Remember to pamper yourself a little. Spring is the time to get a little exercise and enjoy a walk in the park or forest where you can witness all of the rebirth that's taking place. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. Hey girl..... I am so glad that you got out in your garden today.... It is such good therapy!! I was outside today for a while and it was so good for me... I was very careful not to lift anything too heavy and I was very careful...... I am so glad that you have Tulips!!!!! I love tulips but have never had one in my yard..... Maybe next year...

    I will pray for your DH..... it is so important to see the right Dr. and I too would not hesitate to ask for another Dr either.... We have to be pro active in our own health..........

    Love the little graphic you made..... you are also a precious addition to my garden...........

    I will put that on my blog!!!

  2. I will give some thought to a Chiropractor .. Have never had any faith in them...... but I will pray about it and see what I think....Did you go many times? Was it something that helped you over time.. or pretty quick?

    thanks for the suggestion!!

  3. I'm glad that you got to get outside a bit to garden! How wonderful. I hope that your hubby can get the treatment he needs. I pray he can get well. Bless you Mary!

    :0) Sharon

  4. I know working outside made your day a little better. Right now, we are just cleaning up and getting ready for May blooms.....
    Prayers for your hubby...
    Oh, and thanks much for the lovely button....
    hugs, bj

  5. G'day Mary!!!

    I can't wait then, for Sunday! Tulips are always a sure sign of Springtime! And you're going to make us all wait for the weekend's Green Thumb?! Well, okay. I'll be sure to stop by then.

    I hope that your hubby isn't having anything seriously wrong?! A specialist? Yes...a doctor, well you know what I think of DO NEED to find one you can trust. That's most important. Hope all will be well with him, soon.

    It's good to know that boys are back in school and all's well with them for now...Soon, it'll be summer and they can be over a grandma's to help you out some.

    Thanks for the compliment about the tiger header I just put up. I love tigers.

    Have a great, beautiful, sunny day my friend. [I put your gift you have for us on my middle sidebar!!]

  6. Oh isn't it wonderful to be in the is my therapy!!
    I love ya
    Praying for you and DH

    love and hugs

  7. Hi Mary. I will add you to my post as I'm guessing you're the originator of the lovely pay it forwards.
    I just received mine from Anni and am now looking for my own participants. It's a wonderful idea. Thank you. And I hope things go well with your husband. You're in my thoughts.

  8. How wonderful you're able to get out into the garden! Glad to hear both your grandsons are feeling better. I'll say a prayer for your DH..

  9. Congratulations to your winners.. I hope you are having a weonderful week..

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  11. Thanks for telling me Karen H. had Posted! I will go over there when I post this comment.
    I am like you, I want a free month in the spring and in the fall! Or rather less of a bill for the heat and AC! But Nancy needs the AC to breathe a little easier.
    Thanks for the adorable icon/button!
    I will remember your DH in prayer that it all goes well.
    I am glad the grandkids are feeling better!
    Love and hugs Grams

  12. Mary,I decided to pamper my self with my hammered dulicmer music today.yesterday I was saying some unkind things to this computer it did not want to play my c/ I uninstalled and reinstalled the player twice befor I could get it to work.their must be a better way.

  13. Thank you Mary. I will put it on my blog.
    Don't feel bad about forgetting the day. I did the same last week. Being at daughters where my routine was different, I forgot what day it was.
    We had rain today. My back garden looks like a rain forest with everything so green. I would like some nice days, too before the humid summer starts.
    I had lunch at Bob Evans with a friend today. I love their Cobb salad. I brought the Banana Nut Bread they serve on the side home and put it in the fridge. I'll have to ration it out to myself.
    I prayed for the Master Healer to intervene on your DH's behalf.
    Mama Bear

  14. I'm sitting here with sunburn and hoping my tulips will bloom soon!

    Have a great day!♥

  15. I think an ice age has came to North Idaho.
    So haven't done much in line of gardening and hope to.
    I'll stop by Sunday and see your garden picture.

  16. I continue to pray for your husband, love you my friend.

  17. So nice that you could get outside for a bit in the sunshine. I think that it is really good for us to dig in the dirt and see the results of our labor. Sorry the squirrels made a meal out of some of your bulbs! They thought you put those there just for them! Thanks for the button, so pretty, I will add it to my sidebar! Will be thinking of you and your Hubby, hope you can get some answers soon.

  18. There's nothing better than getting outside on a beautiful spring day!
    Sadly, this spring here in Oregon has been cold and rainy...I am longing for sunshine and warm days!

    Hoping your husband finds a good doctor that you all trust. That is so important.


  19. Mary,

    I will keep DH in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love & hugs,