Thursday, June 26

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Good morning! I've been AWOL for a couple of days. I'm just tired. To update my friends and readers, the doctor gave me some antibiotics for the ear infection so hopefully soon it will be a thing of the past.

In other news I had an appointment with the eye specialist on Wednesday and the pressures in my eyes are good. The eye drops are doing their job and I've been remembering to put them in. The threat of more laser treatments keeps me on my toes. So all is good in that area.

In renovation news, we have the plywood for the floor and the wallboard for the walls. All we need to do now is to find someone to give us a hand getting the ceiling up. I can help with the walls but am not up to holding wallboard above my head for the ceiling. We will get it done, but we are both tired. Yesterday we stripped more wallpaper and I put another coat on the entertainment center that the tenant left. It is a well made wall unit and very heavy. However, painting a black wall unit white takes lots of paint.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here. No humidity and a nice cool breeze. I wish I could have spent time outdoors, but too much to do. The side porch is still waiting to be cleaned up and the front flower bed is growing Scottish thistles, so I'm going to have to take time to clear those out.

Other than that, life goes on and things are moving slowly. We aren't killing ourselves with all the work. As Grandma used to tell me, the work will still be here long after I'm gone.

Take care and have a wonderful day. Be sure to take time out of your busy schedule to do a little something for yourself. Go for a walk to enjoy nature in all of its beauty, read a book or spend a while in your backyard watching the birds. Whatever it is you enjoy, do it. Life is to short to be hustling and bustling every minute of every day. Enjoy! ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. I hope the antibiotics work. Ear infections are terrible.

    On another subject, I spent a few days last week at a wedding. One of the family members is a 14 year old boy who is autistic with the same syndrome as Brandon. Having read your posts about Brandon and autism, I was able to understand different actions of this boy and understand the mechanics behind the actions. Thank you so much for the very educational posts.

  2. There you are! I was fixing to come up there! Glad that the Dr gave you some meds for that ear.. and glad that you are taking it slow on those projects for the Apt. Yes it will all be there when we are gone....... I had a melt down yesterday... pretty bad one but today I am better and Mom is fine....... I just need help and I do not know where to go to get it.... but the Lord will give me new strength today........ at least I am not facing surgery..... and that is a good thing....... Take care my friend and let me know about your Aunt.. she is on my mind......


  3. Praying for the antibiotics to help your ear. I am so glad that your eyes are ok sweetie. I continue to pray for your dear aunt May. I love you.

  4. Hi, Mary
    Thanks for adding my kids to your prayer list. I went to the Farmer's market this afternoon. It was a lovely experience. Honey Bear called from Detroit to say his plane is delayed for an hour. Guess I"ll be in bed when he gets home. I got one more block cut out before I tidyed up the kitchen. I cooked some chicken to make Kelli's Chicken Pot pie on Friday. I discovered a new blog today on TT in Austraila. I am enjoying reading her previous posts.
    I'm so happy things are going well with your medical issues. Rest up and then get back to it.
    I have a test on Monday, ugh! More about that later.
    Mama Bear

  5. It's looked most of the day like it was brewing to rain but didn't do anything -but provide a pretty good breeze although on filled with a lot of humidity too. However, right now, as I write this, a big electrical storm is brewing -thundering, lightning over my head and I'm hoping the wind speeds of today will keep on and blow it out of here quickly! I hate electrical storms! Just keep plodding along with the renovations so that you don't overdo yourselves and end up in worse shape than ever! Peace!

  6. Good evening Mary. Sorry to hear that you are not in tip top form. You take it easy and get well soon. Work is always there.

    Now that school is out, I can spend more time in my yard admiring the beauty of nature. Well at least I can for the next two months.

    God bless.

  7. Hi Mary,
    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling so well. I hope you are feeling better real soon! Thanks for your sweet comments about our little Caden!


  8. I have been spending a lot of time in my back yard - looking up at the beautiful blue Colorado sky, and sitting under a tree reading a good book. The twins love lying on a blanket in the shade - they kick the blanket until their little feet are in the grass. So cute!

    I hope you can get this job done and rest! You guys are oding an amazing job.

  9. Great to hear about the eyes, I had a scare last year with an eye injury. Since it was my good eye I was so afraid it would not heal. Hope the antibiotics work quickly on that infection. I was sitting here sipping my tea when I clicked into your blog and there was a tea cup fairy, so cute.
    Take your time with your renovations so you don't stress yourselves. Best to you, Barbara

  10. I've been checking for updates, a lot...and saw only your cute raccoons post. Now I come here on Friday and you posted on Thursday! LOL It figures...I miss all the good stuff, when the good stuff comes available.

    Yes, I would be very much NOT wanting to hold anything up for the ceiling either. Hope you can find someone to help out soon.

    Is this 'entertainment center' you're talking about the one you showed us [in a photo] a while back? Are you going to make use of it AS an entertainment center then, or something totally different.

    The oven just buzzed me. I'm heating up a pizza [screw the cholesterol count today --rofl] We went to the store to stock up on bottled water and I walked past the fresh deli looked just too good to pass up today for some reason. And the deli also had fresh from the over cranberry nut a loaf of that too. But guess what? FAT FREE cream cheese. Makes sense to me. LOL

  11. Mary
    Sounds like you need to read the last paragraph OUT LOUD and take your own advise. I was worn out before I finished reading. I have gotten to the point that I ask myself outloud "Does it really matter?" Ten thousand years from now it will only be a slight blimp on time. Peace

  12. I am so glad to hear that things are going well with you. I was going to come by last night and check in but it seems that the internet likes to take its break at night. Don't know what is up with I have been doing some reading.
    The nice thing about being in the camper is that there is not a whole lot to take care of. So once the dinner dishes are done..there is no T.V to watch so I just read. I feel like a lazy bum...but honestly it is nice being in this spot for awhile.
    Sounds like things are going good with the apartment. How cool that the last tenant left you something nice...too bad he couldn't left the place a little nicer and took the entertainment center with him. ;)
    I am glad you are not over doing it. You are there it is not going promises to be there when you return.
    Enjoy the summer winter will be back soon enough and indoors will be your only choice.
    Love ya girl...thinking of you often.

  13. Sorry your not feeling well and I wish a full recovery.

  14. I so agree with taking your time and enjoying your day. Go to my blog and see the book that I am reading. it is such a cute book and has a lot of what you are talking about in it!! Hope you are going to be okay!! Sorry that i have not been around but also have been busy too. Sandy