Sunday, June 22

Green Thumb Sunday

It's Green Thumb Sunday, hosted by Tricia at As the Garden Grows. If you'd like to participate, just click on the link to find out how.

Last Tuesday, the boys and I headed out to the local garden center to buy a few flowers for my planters. I let the boys chose the plants they like. It gives them a chance to learn about gardening and they enjoy it.

It was too late to plant the flowers by the time we got back, so we decided we would plant them later in the week. Jordan said he was going on his school trip so Brandon could plant the flowers when he spent the day with me on Thursday.

First we planted the balloon flower that I bought a couple of weeks ago. It needed to be planted badly and Brandon thought it would be nice to put it beside the solar light and close to Desmerelda, my garden fairy. We gave it some fertilizer in hopes that it would have a growth spurt. It should look nice here.

Then we planted the flowers that Brandon chose for the planter he painted last year. He had never painted before and he did quite a good job. It is showing a bit of wear and we will need to give it a fresh coat of paint next year. Brandon had chosen ivy and these pretty purple flowers to go in this planter.

Above is a resin planter that the boys bought me last year. It is a boot with a bluebird and a nest with babies. Jordan chose this pretty blue flower for it.

And finally, the boot with the rabbits that I bought about four years ago. Brandon chose a mauve flower for this one because he thought it would look nice if both boots had the same kind of flowers but just a different color.

We enjoyed our time and later that evening I snapped these photos with today in mind. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my garden ornaments. I will try to get photos of others for another time.

Enjoy your Sunday. Relax and pamper yourself a little or take a hike along a nature trail. The beauty of nature is good for the soul. ~Blessings, Mary~


  1. "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?" Plant by plant, planter by planter and I must say quite beautifully! I enjoy all the pictures you send of the pretty flowers and plants in your yard. Thanks!

  2. Mary....Brandon did a super job choosing the right flowers. They're perfect. And I love the boot planters. Y'know I have one out in our yard old pair of ratty looking shoes that could very well be a planter, but where it is...I have no idea. Probably under some fern or perhaps a clump of weeds somewhere. LOL But I do have that. You got me thinking of it now. Y'wonder where it is?

    Love your G T S. It's wonderful.

  3. I love that kind of flower. And the book is a nice touch!

    Mine is up :)

  4. The boys did well choosing the flowers! I love the both of the BOOT planters! I've never seen any like them before! So different! Know your garden is beautiful!!!

  5. I love The boot planter!! I used my brothers boots from Vietnam cause he did not want them so they are in my garden and I pray for our troops when I see them. Your planters are great:)

  6. Mary,

    Beautiful flowers and beautiful planters. Looks to me like Mary's garden has the benefit of 6 green thumbs and I give this lovely garden a thumbs up! :-)

    Have a great week!!

  7. The boys did a great job and again I must say what a good Grandma they have. Peace

  8. Hi Mary,
    Yes, it's really me just trying to catch up with everybody. I have to go back and read to find out what's going on so I'm off to read more! :) Thank you for your prayers and concern for me.

    Love and Hugs,

  9. Brandon did a super job on the planter! In fact they both did!

    Your flowers are beautiful! The planter with the bunny's is so cute! Love and hugs Grams

  10. Hi Mary,
    Your garden looks wonderful and Brandon did such a great job choosing and helping! I agree that "the beauty of nature is good for the soul"
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. It is fun planting with your grands...boy and they are boys!! I have planted a lot of times with my grand girls!! They loved it!! i try to get them interested in flowers and to learn the names.
    Hope your Sunday is going great. We got our home painted today!! YES!!


  12. Looks like you and the boys did a fine job. Everything looks so good!

  13. Your plants and planters are so lovely.

  14. Mary, I just finished putting in the last of my flowers as well.

    I love the boots, they are so cute. Brandon did an awesome job helping you plant.

    Take care. God bless.

  15. Beautiful flowers sweetie!!! I love seeing what Brandon did, he did a good job........ I love digging in the dirt....... I was so sick Friday and Saturday from that silly test, but am much better today....... so I am trying to get out and blog a bit...... Sorry I have not been in touch,, I have not even been in my email...That test really took it out of me..... I guess it was the dye in my spine...... they said I might be sick and have a headache,,, they were right....... but........ I am much better today......

    Miss talking to you.......


  16. It sounds like such a lovely time with Brandon - and he did a great job!

  17. Looks like the boys have a gardener's touch! The planters are unusual--especially the one with the rabbits peeking out.