Tuesday, June 30

Freshly Picked Strawberries

Michelle was working afternoons today and the boys' dad was supposed to be home early. So I didn't expect to have them. However, Dad called and said he was going to be late. I went and picked up the boys and since it was a much cooler day today, about 67 degrees, we headed to the strawberry patch.

We picked four quarts of beautiful strawberries in about 15 minutes. It's a good thing we were so fast. Just as we were picking the last quart, it began to rain. We filled the box quickly and got to the car before getting too wet. The berries were big and sweet. Mmm! By the time we got back to their place, Dad was home.

The boys took 2 quarts home with them and I kept 2 quarts for us. I came home and it wasn't long before the boys' dad called and said the compressor on their refrigerator was gone. So I headed back over there to help him decide what to keep and what needed to be thrown out.

Jordan came home with me to spend the night. It is now 11:06 pm and he's standing here watching me type this. He is a night owl.

Anyway, Brandon and his Dad and paternal grandfather went out and were able to get a fridge. That Grandpa has a truck and they were able to get it home. Tomorrow is Canada Day, so there was no chance of them getting one tomorrow.

So that's the news for today from my place. Now I'd best get off the computer and get this boy to bed.

Oh, one last thing. Jordan and I had chocolate ice cream with freshly picked strawberries for dessert tonight. Jordan says it was really good.


  1. What a crazy day for the boys and family! The strawberries look so good - there is nothing like fresh strawberries!
    Happy Canada Day!

  2. Are those the actual berries you picked? They are just beautiful and so perfect.

  3. Boy, Mary, you really do have your nerve ya know. First you post a picture of the most luscious looking strawberries ever and then, you end the post telling us about having chocolate ice cream tonight with fresh strawberries on it! Now if that isn't nerve, I don't know what is!
    Just made me extremely hungry for some strawberries -in anything -but I think my preference, if I could have it, tonight would be a huge slab of fresh strawberry pie! (Maybe toss a little vanilla ice cream on it or at the very least, a dollop of whipped topping anyway!

  4. ooooh yummy! I wish there was somewhere around here we could do that!

  5. Mmmm...I love fresh strawberries! They're my favorite fruit, but only fresh. I'm not wild about frozen ones or strawberry flavored stuff.

    I envy you your rain. We need rain pretty desperately right now but our chances range from 30-50% for the next few days, so hopefully we'll get some much needed rain.

    My fridge is acting up so I'm afraid it's going to kick the bucket soon. I just hope I'm home and catch it soon enough that I don't lose a bunch of groceries before my landlord brings a replacement. :-/

    Glad they were able to secure a fridge before the holiday.

    Happy Canada Day, Mary. Hope you have a good time celebrating with your family. :-)

    Love and hugs,


  6. Nothing can beat fresh homegrown picked from the garden strawberries!!!!!

    I'm here to wish you, dear Mary, HAPPY CANADA DAY!

  7. those strawberries look delicious...I think Jordan was a lucky boy to get to spend the night with grandma...and eat strawberries and Ice Cream...

  8. Happy Canada Day!

    You make me want to go and pick some berries at the Pick Your Own farm in Sturgeon. I hope they are better than last year. With all the rain back then the weeds grew, many berries rotted on the vine and the lovely ones I picked went bad very quickly due to mold spores on them. I should have processed them quicker.

  9. Good timing on the Strawberry picking. Did they taste as good as they looked?

  10. OMG! Those are beautiful !!!!! YUM! I want to have a strawberry patch next year..... My grandmother had one and it was such a joy to pick those berries.... She would make tons of Strawberry jam! I miss those days.........

    Enjoy your Wednesday girl!

  11. Yummy strawberries and chocolate ice cream. When younger I would eat as many as I picked. lol
    glad to hear cooler weather has appeared in your area also. Peace

  12. Happy Canada Day! The strawberries look so good!!
    Hope your Mom is better.
    It is cooler here this week. Hugs Grams

  13. mmmmm...those strawberries look delish!! Happy Canada Day to you my sweet Mary...enjoy.;p

  14. Happy Cananda Day Mary. The strawberries look oh so yummy. Our fridge died last summer. What a mess. It died in the night and by the time I found it everything was pretty much gone...m.

  15. Such pretty strawberries. Glad you and the boys got them.

  16. Those strawberries are gorgeous! The ones you pick are much better than ones bought in the store.

  17. What MAGNIFICENT strawberries! Makes me want to go pick some too.
    Hugs and blessings,