Wednesday, July 1

Canada Day

Today Canadians celebrated Canada's 142 second birthday. It was July 1, 1867 when Canada officially became a country. The holiday was called Dominion Day until 1982, when it was officially changed to Canada Day.

History was made today in a school gym in Iqualit, Nunvavut when twenty-one women became the first students in that territory to earn a graduate degree. The program was made possible by the University of Prince Edward Island and will mean higher education for the people who live in Canada's Far North. Though no men were included in this year's graduates, it's hopeful that they will be taking part in the 2010 class and marks a milestone in education for the people of Nunavut. Congratulations to all twenty-one recipients.

It seems that on the country's 142nd birthday that 70% of Canadians feel that all ties should be severed with Britian. 65% feels that when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II dies that all ties with the Crown should be severed.

In a conducted poll, the majority of Canadians feel that the Canadian flag and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are the country's most distinctive symbols. However, more Canadians have eaten poutine than have been in a canoe or seen a moose. Other symbols important to Canada include the beaver and the maple leaf.

Hubby and I didn't take in any Canada Day festivities. We don't really like the crowds and deafening music. We had planned on taking a drive but put that off because of the unpredictable weather. I hope others in other parts of our nation were able to enjoy celebrating our country's birthday. Happy Canada Day.


  1. Thanks for the interesting information on Canada Day. Sorry you had bad weather, but hope you had a relaxing day anyway!

  2. I also think of moose for a symbol of Canada.
    Happy Canada Day.

    Coffee is on.

  3. You are always so very full of it! Information I mean! hahahhaah

    Happy Birthday Canada! We are privileged to live in two beautiful countries....

  4. mary, your pride and love of your country is a beautiful thing. Such a lovely tribute!

  5. Happy Canada Day, dear Mary:-) I've been listening to fireworks going off for the last couple of hours...the rain stopped just in time:-) It's only 57F right now so it's cooled down quite a bit as well. Apart from the auction, I didn't do much else today, just relaxed. I was going to go to the International Food Fair at the arena but trying to find a parking space was impossible and I didn't feel like walking a mile in the rain!! Bedtime for me now, goodnight my friend. xoxo

  6. I love Canada Day, Love Canada and I'm ok with the monarchy...there's something about history and pageantry I love...


  7. Hope you had a very relaxing Canada Day...I love your historical posts...

  8. I've never heard of poutine. Gotta go look that up. Did I spell it correctly? The Spell Check says I didn't.

    Happy Thursday Mary.

  9. OH MY Goodness! It sounds delicious.

  10. Thank you for sharing this information Mary. I hope you had a wonderful Canada day....

  11. Mary, what a coincidence that America celebrates her Birthday 3 days after Canada. I forget sometimes about the tie between your country and Britian. What advantage does the relationship provide.
    Have you ever read any Nevada Barr books?
    It seems like she has written one about Prince Edward Island but maybe that was someone else. I read so much that some times they all run together. I recently read Lincoln Child's book Terminal Freeze. Seems like that one was in Canada but it might have been Alaska. I'm confused.
    Mama Bear

  12. I'm running late and slow too on my blog-reading but better late than never, right?
    Happy belated Canada Day, Mary! And to all the other Canadian blogger friends out there too!

  13. Interesting post on Canada Day. Especially find the ties that still hold to Britian fascinating.

  14. A belated Happy Canada Day!