Sunday, June 28

Fun Outing Part Two

If you missed part one of our fun outing, you can see it HERE.

After we went mini golfing, we drove down to the beach and pier area and took a walk.

This is from the pier facing southeast toward the Marina. The water was rough and there wasn't a lot of boats on the lake.
This is the channel where the boats head out to and come in from the lake.

Waves breaking onto the shore. It was cool in this area and a nice breeze was blowing. The sound of the water lapping at the shore was soothing.

Here is one small boat heading out. Brave souls were on board. At one point the breakers lifted the front of it completely off the water. As they passed us, we could see there was three adults and one child on board. The only person wearing a life jacket was the child. Foolish with the lake as rough as it was.
And can you believe with water and wind conditions the way they were that this man was taking a child out in a canoe. We watched them for a long time. As they drew nearer to the lake entrance, the water was rougher. The boy was clinging to the sides of the canoe for dear life. As the water turned the canoe sideways several times, we expected it to capsize.

Finally the guy got smart and the canoe headed back to land. Thank goodness because if they had entered the lake the canoe wouldn't have made it.

A larger boat coming in and another directly behind it. Only one boat went out the entire time we were in this area.

Looking down the pier. I was talking to this lady who was playing the accordian and singing. She is unemployed and was entertaining the people to make money to buy groceries. She had a nice sum in Canadian and American dollars in the accordian case.

There were lots of gulls along the channel. More continued to land here after the photo was taken. Even they didn't like the conditions on the lake.

A memorial the to fishermen who have died on Lake Erie. There are names all around the base. I remember when five men died when a fishing boat was caught in a storm a few years back.

Brandon and hubby enjoying a walk along the pier. There were some people fishing and one man and his daughter, who was about 5 or 6, had caught some nice sized yellow perch. They had them on a stringer to take home. The little girl was so excited about the 6 inch perch she'd caught. You'd have thought she'd caught the biggest fish in the world.
This is along the channel. There is a no swimming sign posted here. It would be too dangerous with all the boats coming and going. You can see the point in the background. This is looking south and across the lake lies the USA.

In the background you can see some people on the beach. I loved the sound of the water lapping at the rocks.
Again, across the lake to the south. If you crossed the lake at this point, you would eventually reach the USA.
Then it was time to leave for home. I enjoy going to Port Dover for a burger and a walk along the pier.
For any of my American friends who doesn't know about Tim Horton's, this is a Canadian icon in coffee shops. It was started by NHL hockey legend, Tim Horton, in 1964. Just ten years later, Tim Horton was killed in a car accident. His partner continued the tradition and established the Tim Horton's Children's Fund in his memory. If you are ever in Canada, be sure to try a "Timmie's" coffee.

This is the nicest Tim Horton's coffee shop that I've ever seen. Most of them are just brown brick, but they styled this one to suit the atmosphere of the town.

Please keep my mother in your prayers. She had been having really nasty leg cramps and the doctor prescribed Quinine. Last night about midnight she had an adverse reaction and was weak, shaking and had a horrific headache. Instead of calling anyone, she went to bed. I scolded her for that. Today she is still weak, but feeling better. Scary stuff.


  1. Mary, loved peeking into your outing. The boats and water are so pretty.

    Will be glad to say a prayer for your Mother. Hope she is better already!

  2. Mary, so sorry about your Mom,,, bless her heart.... I will keep her in my prayers.... I had Mom at the ER last night....... A terrible case of hemorrhoids.... They gave her some strong and she seems to be better today....... These Mom's of our are precious!

  3. So as not to confuse Americans who might read your blog, you didn't really mean to say Michigan as being south across from Lake Erie. You probably meant to say Pennsylvania although the borders of both New York and Ohio are close in that area. Sorry: I'm not meaning to be pedantic but just trying to be helpful.

    I hope your mother feels better soon.

  4. What a lovely outing. The sky looks so beautiful!
    I think we are not so far away from each other if we just cross the lake!
    I'll keep your Mom in my prayers.

  5. I love your photos, how beautiful. I said a prayer for your Mom, I hope she feels better soon.

  6. Yes, soon we'll be having a Timmie. There are Tim Horton's in the USA but I've only seen them in the North and Eastern States.

  7. what a fun way to end a perfect day with Brandon...
    I will keep your mom in prayer...
    I have heard of other people having an adverse reaction to Quinine...

  8. Scary indeed!!!! These medications and all the adverse affects always scare me. I DO hope she continues to improve. And of course see her doctor about it....even if she feels better...she still needs to be informed about the side effects, and what it will do to her body.

    LOVE...LOVE! all these photos of your walk along the water/channel. How beautiful is this?!!! I'd be there a LOT. Just gorgeous.

  9. I hope your mom is better today - isn't it amazing how they try to handle things by themselves??

    Love the pictures of your walk around the lake. I was going to ask you which lake it is and you answered that - please forgive my ignorance of geography! I really need to get a Canadian map and locate all of my friends to the north.

    I cannot believe the stupidity of those parents - amazing! Thing of the guilt they'd live with if anything happened.

    I love the sound of lapping water as well - and the breeze, if it's a hot day!

    Have a good week, friend.

  10. PS - I've never seen of a Tim Horton's or heard of them until Miss Pea talks about going there frequently. I don't do coffee, but I imagine they have great hot chocolate!

  11. Thanks for sharing your outing with us. The water was beautiful. Makes me want to go back to the lake. I have not played mini golf since Puppy's birth. I have watched but not played. Again I enjoyed the outing. Peace

  12. Hey I enjoyed your trip....what fun.
    I am so sorry your Mom is having a rough time....I will pray for her. Isn't it strange how they don't want others overly concerned....but that's our job now. :)

  13. MARY, You need to take your mother to a vascular surgeon., This is what we did with my mother just lately so it might help her. She might have an adverse reaction to the quinine...I have heard it is good for leg cramps though..But honestly find a vascular surgeon if you can.

  14. Oh dear, I'm glad to hear your mom is feeling a bit better today, she really must learn to let someone know when she reacts to medication like that!! Keeping her in my prayers.

    I so enjoyed seeing the rest of your photos from your trip to Port Dover. Beautiful scenery and I so love walking along a pier like that. It always amazes me to still see adults with no life jackets on while in a boat, especially when the water is so rough like that. Stupidity at its highest level!! That is indeed quite a different Tim Horton's:-) xoxo

  15. Sounds like such a fun time on your family outing!

    But yes, I'll say a prayer for your mom, Mary...I sure hope she feels better soon from both the leg cramps and the side effects!


  16. I have never been to Port Dover and haven't seen pictures of it except on Friday the 13th motorcycles days. Looks lovely.

  17. Loved your trip to the lake...

    I hope your mom feels better soon... when we have cramps we drink "pickle juice"... our grandson told us that's what his coach said to do if they had cramps.. and somehow it works...

  18. Mary, it's all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing a piece of your world with us. I'm so glad that the lady playing her accordian was getting some $$ for groceries.

    Saying a prayer for your Mom. Hope things are going better for her now.

  19. Glad you mother is feeling better. My sister used to live in Cleveland and I visited her a few times and went to Lake Erie. I can't swim and you'd never catch me in a canoe, even in calm water. And we have Tim Horton's in WV, too.

  20. Lovely pics....and it looks like you guys had an awesome time.

    Praying for your mom

    Love, Jess

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