Thursday, July 2

A Day in the Outdoors

The boys have been itching to go swimming. Either it's been too cold or it's been raining. So, this morning I called the pool and the lifeguard told me the water was 80 degrees. Although the air temperature was cool, I decided to take them.

We were there when the pool opened and there was no one else there. The boys had the entire pool to themselves.
This is where I spend my time when the boys are swimming. I sit on the bench and enjoy a good book. It's always shady there and today a nice breeze blew over the area.

Relaxing and enjoying the time in the pool. Jordan was pushing Brandon.
Jordan was busy doing something else, but Brandon just continued to enjoy the day by relaxing and floating around the pool.
They had a game of water basketball and then played volleyball, using the rope for the net.
Getting ready to leave. Two other kids did come for a while and just as they were leaving another two came. We were there for two hours and there were only four people in the pool at any given time. Nice!

The boys said the water was beautiful once you got in and they stayed in for the entire time. We now have a pool schedule and will be visiting frequently over the summer. It's good exercise for the boys and it also helps hone their swimming skills. The bonus for me is that I get to enjoy the outdoors and read a good book in the sidelines.


  1. sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned for yourself and the boys...I like the sounds of sitting on a park bench and reading a good book....enjoy!!!

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  3. It's always nice to have the pool to yourself. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon!

  4. Perfect day it looks like! Yes those boys need to learn to swim well and it is gooooooooooood exercise......... Sitting on a bench reading a book sounds like the perfect afternoon to me..... I MUST find time for myself.... I am so struggling with that!

    Have a fun weekend girl friend

  5. So sweet of you to take your grandboys swimming and wait patiently for them!

    I love your new blog design!


  6. how cool mary, that's what my 3 like to do in the summer too, we try to get a key from the school for their pool so we can all cool off over the holidays, btw I've added you at my other blog too :-)

  7. I'm surprised at the low attendance. I haven't swam in almost 6 months. When we lived in apartments we went almost every day to the pool. I preferred to go when there wasn't many there. I stopped going when they started allowing footballs to be thrown in the water.

  8. Mary,

    Looks like the boys had a great time at the pool, and you had a nice relaxing time reading your book. A nice afteroon for the three of you. You take beautiful pictures.

    I hope you had a nice Canada Day, and I also hope your Mom is now feeling well. Have a great weekend.



  9. The weather's been odd, and it's supposed to be a cooler-than-normal summer. So there could continue to be a lot of space in the pool.

  10. Wow....a pool to themselves. That is awesome. And great fun too, not having to worry about swimming into another body. What luck.

    Happy Friday Mary.

  11. Fun for the boys and fun for Grandma. I plan to spend our Independence day quitely. I will watch the festives from afar, our back porch and if it rains the riverfront park festival is always on TV. Peace

  12. It is difficult here to find activities to share with the grands because it is so hot. Sometimes, I take them bowling. Their neighborhood doesn't have a pool but they had used their neighbors for several years. Recently, that house sold so I'm not sure how it will be with the new neighbors.
    You lucked up finding the pool uncrowded. I think that kids start the summer at the pool and then kind of grow tired of it. At least that is the way it used to be when I lived in a subdivision with a pool.
    We went to see the movie, "UP" on Thursday. I really enjoyed it. Have you seen it? I had intended to buy groceries but decided I could do that today. Honey Bear went with me. We went early but it was getting crowded before we were done.
    Mama Bear

  13. Hi Mary, Thank you for accepting my feelings. I just wonder why so many feel they can't be genuine, well that's the world sadly and some of blog girls, notice i didn't say ladies! Oh the pool looks wonderful! The past few days have been very cool here low 60's days and 50's at night, brrrr!! Hope your feeling well, sending a big hug to you cause your so sweet! Lori

  14. I so love being in a swimming pool and especially enjoy what Brandon was doing...just laying on something and floating around:-) I just find it so calming and peaceful. That's really great that they had the pool to themselves for so long. Watch out when it does get hot again, they won't be able to move in there!!

    Only 14c here right now but supposed to go up in the normal temps for this time of year by tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xoxo

  15. Yep Mary it certainly has been one of those years. Although I think in away we are lucky if we do have trials and bad days, cause I think God wants us strong in this world where we see so many who are weak and do wrong. I'm going to look at it as a blessing to gain some perspective on these hard times! take care sweet friend, and keep on being you, your a dose of happiness to many! Love,Lori