Monday, June 29

Thanks to Everyone

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes for Mom. She is feeling a little better today, but is still weak. She is staying with my sister for at least another day and then they will decide if she's able to stay on her own.

The quinine that the doctor prescribed for Mom didn't bother her the first night she took it, but when she took the second dose, it was only a few minutes before she had a horrific headache and was weak and shaking. I know that quinine is a powerful medicine and wonder why it was even prescribed for someone her age. When she told me that quinine is what the doctor prescribed, I warned her of the side effects, but warning doesn't stop those things from happening.

I explained to her this afternoon that she must call someone if she is sick, no matter the time, day or night. She tends to think it is a bother and neglects to ensure her safety when things go wrong. After all, she tended us when we were kids and now it's our turn to take care of her needs. I strongly believe it is the duty of the children to take care of the parents when they grow old. Family is important.

In other news, I picked up the boys to spend the day with hubby and myself. Their parents were working and I had planned on taking them swimming. However, the rain began about a half hour before we were to leave for the pool. It was another hard rain and lasted until early evening. The temperature has dropped and when I took Dakota out tonight, I needed my hooded sweater. After being extremely hot for so many days, now it's extremely chilly for June. Guess there's no taming our wild weather this year.

Hope you all have a great week.


  1. I hope thing improve more for your Mom.

  2. So sorry Mary, I missed the last post, praying here for your mom.

  3. Sorry I didn't know about your mum. I hope she is doing is so hard sometimes for our moms/dads to let us take care of them when necessary. I think it is our duty and our honor and privilege to care for our parents as they get older. I will keep her in my thoughts Mary, and you take care of yourself too! jj

  4. I'm so glad to hear that your Mom is doing better, Mary. Such a scary thing to happen! My own mother took quinine for years with no ill affects to help prevent leg cramps.

    Sorry your swimming excursion was rained out. We're a little cooler here, low 90'sF, but we're hurting for rain.


  5. I'm glad your mom is better and you must be feeling better now too. As for the weather.....what can I say?

  6. so glad that your mom is feeling is hard for them to realize that they are now the ones who need extra care...

  7. Good. I guess things are almost back to normal then.

  8. Sorry the swimming trip got cancelled for rain - seems to be a lot of that going around some parts of the world and others need some desperately. That is the cycle of weather. Kev is up there in Maine where it has rained almost every day since he's been there. So far he hasn't seen the beauty that is there, except through water!

    It is so hard for our folks to realize they need to let us know when they need help. Some family members who live far away seem to think that my sis and I aren't doing our jobs when something happens, but we can't do anything unless we know they need it. I preach that to my mom all the time. I hope your mom gets better really quickly and they get the meds sorted out.

    Hope the sun shines on you today!

  9. Oh, send me some of that rain and cooler weather. We have lower humidity for the first few days this week so the heat index is lower but it is still in the 90s. And it has been two weeks since we had rain.
    I'm sorry to hear your Mom is ill. Yes, we should take care of them. As you know, mine are gone home. I remember Daddy taking quinine for his leg cramps. I hope she feels better soon.
    Mama Bear

  10. I'm glad your Mom is doing better. I agree with your feelings on family!

  11. I'm happy to read that your mom is okay. That's scary to say the least. Yes, fact, in America, they have a medi-alert that you can become a member of, maybe your mom should look into seeing if Canada has something like that. It's for people who live alone. And I truly don't think it has anything to do about the age...anyone can become a member.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that rain, Even the animated rain on your blog post today looks so good!!!!!

  12. I'm glad you made her aware that she needs to contact someone if ever she's not feeling well again!! Too many elderly parents are afraid to be a nuisance to their kids which is such a shame. I usually call my mom every day and check up on her...the one time I didn't call for 2 days, I finally got a hold of her to find out she was sick in bed with the flu. Sigh!

    We were supposed to have rain yesterday but we never got it. Today it's supposed to rain on and off but right now the sun is shining. At 19c it's very pleasant:-) Have a wonderful day dear friend. xoxo

    P.S. Been meaning to tell you, it's a good thing you didn't come on the ghost tour with us...the guide had everyone running after her, she was walking so fast and it was a longgggg walk...or run! lol Steve suffered with his leg a lot that night and next day! We kept saying it was a "good thing Mary didn't come"! lol

  13. Oh my! I'm sorry to hear your Mom was ill Mary. You know though, you can tell people of her generation, over and over, to please call, that it's no problem at all, call at any hour, day or night, if you are sick, need someone, something but getting them to actually follow through and do that is often a horse of a different color. That's how it was with my Dad's baby sister though -who passed away a year ago this past April. She would have spells, fall, get sick but do you think she would call me or my other cousin who also lived near her? Nope! Just as stubborn as the day is long she was.
    Hope things iron out ok there for your Mom now though.

  14. I'm keeping your mom in my prayers.

    Keep us updated.

    I didn't know they still prescribed quinine?