Tuesday, October 30

A Beautiful Award from Talk to Grams

Carolyn at Talk to Grams honored me with the beautiful award. Thank you, Carolyn.

I always limited the passing of awards to five people. This is always a difficult task, as everyone who visits my here and everyone that I visit are all deserving. If your name is not here, I will do my best to make sure you receive an award from me in future. I cherish the friendship of each and every one of you.

With that said, here are the recipients of the award. I have people that have never received an award from me and who I have met recently.

Marcel of Southeast Cedar Home

Sharon of Sit With Me Awhile

Marci of Amazing Grace Farm

Tammy of My Gentle Retreat

Karen of Karen's Ramblings

You are all very deserving. Congratulations!


  1. Wow, thank you Mary. I feel very blessed. You have such a pleasant 'air' around your blog - really uplifting! I love popping by.

  2. Karen,

    You are welcome and thank you for the comments about my blog. I enjoy and appreciate your visits.

  3. I too feel very honored and blessed. WOW! Is all I can say! Thanks so very much.

    I mostly did my blog to share photos with friends and family who are spread out all over the USA and even Europe. So I was a little surprised when a very nice lady from Canada showed up putting comments on my blog. Maybe it’s my French Canadian background that somehow makes the connection.

    I wish you luck on your stove and FYI. Woodstock also sells a nice little gas soapstone stove too. But, I’d guess there are several good manufactures of stoves in Canada.

    Again many thanks!

  4. Congratulations to your...that is a right pretty little award =)

    Congrats to all and thankya kindly!

  5. Marcel,

    I certainly enjoy your blog and all of your photos of that beautiful house. I also enjoy you telling about the weather in Alaska. It is somewhere that I've always wanted to visit.

    Thanks so much for the information on the stove. Many of the products we buy here are made in the US. I am certainly going to consider the soapstone stove. I love yours.

  6. T*mmy,

    I'm glad you like the award. You and all of the others are very deserving.

  7. Congrats my dear friend, love you.

  8. Thanks, Denise. I appreciate and enjoy your daily visits and emails.


  9. Hey girl-the weather is beautiful so I thought I would venture out in blogdom and check in on you. Sorry I have not been by to get this sweet gift-but as you know I has been a little under the weather.:)
    But the SON is out and it is a lovely day.
    I hope you are enjoying it too.
    Thank you.