Friday, November 2

Amber Alert Baby Returned to Parents

This is an update on last night's Amber Alert. The baby that was kidnapped was returned to her mother late yesterday. She was healthy and the woman who allegedly kidnapped her was arrested.

Police had locked down the City of Sudbury and police lined the roads leading out of the city. The searched vehicles, stopped all buses within the city limits and checked with taxi services. Survellience tapes from the city's core were also looked at.

The perpetrator was not known to the baby's mother. She was arrested in Kirkland Lake.


  1. Dear Mary ~~ This is wonderful news and I am so glad the baby is safe and well. Security may improve at the hospital now.
    Thank you for your comments,
    Take care, Love, Merle.

  2. Merle,

    Thanks for inquiring about the baby. I appreciate your concern. Thankfully, she is safe and sound with her mother.

  3. This is great news to wake up to!

  4. Thank you, Marcel. I'm so glad the baby is safe and sound. Thanks for your visit.

  5. Praise God for the safe return of this baby.

  6. Denise,

    Yes, she was returned safe and sound. I haven't heard anything more about it today, but probably will on tonight's news. I'll keep you updated.

  7. Mary,

    That is wonderful news. So often these kidnappings end in tragedy. Thank you for the happy news.


  8. Tina,

    Yes, it so often ends in tragedy. I was happy to find out the baby was back with its mother.

    On the 6 0'clock news, they said that everything is fine with the baby. The parents have asked for privacy, which should be given to them. The perpetrators, a 29 year old man and a 29 year old woman from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, have been charged with several counts, including kidnapping.

  9. Mary,

    I'm glad the baby was found and that she and mother are ok.

    Pregnant women and those with small babes are being targeted often these days. To the best of their ability, young mothers and mothers-to-be should be aware and take extra safety precautions.

  10. Deborah,

    Apparently the hospital didn't have much security in place. Now they have security guards walking the halls in the maternity ward until they came implement other safety procedures. The hospital personnel didn't even wear ID bracelets or name tags. I'm surprised. When my niece had her baby in June, she and the father had bracelets to match the baby. That was a way of IDing them.