Saturday, November 3

Saturday's Odds and Ends

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Michelle over at Writing the Cyber Highway has tagged me for a meme that was started by Amy. The meme is What would I write if I had an extra hour every day?

Well, let me see:

1. I would write a fictional Christmas story.

2. I would search the Internet for other websites that need a content writer. I write for two sites now but with an extra hour a day, I could write for at least two more websites.

3. I would write more family stories. I have written several over the years based on my childhood memories. There is an entire book of those memories that have been stored in my brain these many years.

4. I would revise my novel, which has been setting on my desk gathering dust for over 2 years.

5. I would write more often in my grandsons' journals. I have kept these journals since they were babies and plan to give the books to them when they get married. They will always be able to look in the journals and read what was happening as they grew up.

Now, I am supposed to tag others to participate in this meme. If these people would like to take part, I tag them. Any others who would like to participate are welcome to do so. Please leave a comment so I can stop by and read what you would do with an extra hour.

Vicki at Light for the Writer's Soul

Ancient One at Ancient One's Place

Deborah Wilson at Corridors

Merle at Third Try

Denise at Shortybear's Place

Ladies, I hope you will give this a try. It should be fun. If you'd rather not, that is okay too. I don't want to pressure anyone.


This past week has been quite the week. With the van being smashed up and having to deal with all the red tape, it made me very late with my writing assignments. Thank goodness for an understanding editor who gave me a couple of extra days to get it done.

I went to the body shop yesterday to see how things with the van were coming along. The damage is estimated at $5500, but at least the unibody of the van wasn't damaged. It needs a new radiator and radiator posts, a new right fender and both headlights, a hood and several other things. The body shop has sent the estimate to the insurance company for their approval, so we do think the van can be repaired. However, the final call is up to the insurance company. The bad news is, if the insurance company decides to fix it, we won't get it back for two weeks.

Already we are tired of the 2008 Pontiac van that the insurance company has rented for us. It is so much different from our van and is very uncomfortable. Even though it's supposed to be top of the line, I wouldn't trade our van for it - not for an even swap. I would never buy one like it.

In other news, my hubby and I took a drive to a Native craft show that was being held about 20 minutes away. They had some super stuff. I bought small Christmas ornaments for my mother, daughter, mother in law and myself. They are gorgeous. I also bought a glass dish with a wolf etched on it and a couple of other things. The prices were reasonable and the crafts were awesome. I even bought a Christmas ornament for the Christmas Ornament Exchange. Check it out. It's going to be a lot of fun.

The grandsons are both sick right now, as are their parents. Hubby and I are fighting it. We both have a cough. The boys and their parents have had fever, cough and some other symptoms. No fun at all. Jordan was to stay overnight but we decided it had to be postponed until next weekend. He didn't protest, which tells me he really isn't feeling well.

The days are cooler and the nights are cold. Last night it went down to almost the freezing mark. I'm not a lover of cold weather, nor of hot weather. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, so I'm not looking forward to the coming of winter.

That's about all the news from here for today. Thanks to all my regulars who stop by to comment. I wish you a great weekend, though I'm just a little late.


  1. Thank you, dear, for inviting me to pariticipate from Light for the Writer's Soul, but my name is Vicki, not Crystal:-) I'm going out of town in the a.m., so might give it a go on Monday. Thanks!


  2. I might give it a try, even though I don't consider myself a "writer".

  3. Oh Vicki. I am so sorry. I will change that immediately.

  4. Ann,

    You write beautifully, but it's definitely up to you.

  5. Sorry about the van problems sweetie. I am praying for your grandsons, and their parents to all feel better very soon. The craft show sounds like it was fun. I will be glad to do the writing meme, will let you know when I post it. I love you my friend.

  6. Denise,

    Thank you for your prayers. The craft show was fun. I enjoy Native American crafts. There is so much work that goes into them - and I got a little Christmas shopping done, which is a plus.

    I look forward to reading your meme when you post it.

    Hope you are feeling better.


  7. You did a great job on this meme, Mary!

    Wow, you have a novel collecting dust? Hmmm... maybe you can get it published sometime in the near future ;0)

    That's so sweet of you to make those journals for your grandsons! I love that idea!

    Glad you're getting your van taken care of as well, and that you have such an understanding editor.

    Hope you all get to feeling better soon!


  8. Michele,

    Thanks for your kind compliment on the meme.

    Yes, I have a novel collecting dust. It has been rejected a few times and I'm debating whether to revise it to a christian historical fiction. I just haven't had the time to work on it.

    Thanks for the prayers. We all need them. There's so many nasty bugs going around up here.

  9. $5500 sounds like a huge repair bill. I'm sure you'll be very glad to get it back! I think we could all use an extra hour in the day (if not for writing, for some other purpose!)

  10. All the red tape and paperwork can be daunting. What we all have to remember in dealing with broken cars is that they are replacable, but our loved ones in them aren't. I am glad hubby is fine other than the cold and cough.

  11. Great meme. Sounds to me like you would be far more prolific with an extra hour every day than I would. Alas, I would probably just use the extra hour to either read, sleep or blog.

    Dealing with body shops, or car repairs can certainly put a damper on your activities. Like you, I don't particularily like rental cars.

    As far as your family, I wish them a speedy recovery.

  12. Susie,

    I don't have to worry about the $5500. The insurance company will take care of all of it except the deductible, which is very reasonable because it's a comprehensive claim.

    The extra hour a day would certainly be beneficial when I'm behind on my writing like I was this week, but it was done hours ago.

    Thanks for your comments. Blessings to you and yours.

  13. willow,

    Yes, one of the things I listed for Thankful Thursday was my thanks that hubby wasn't anymore seriously hurt than a sore shoulder and neck. That is miniscle when you look at the damage the deer did to the van. Thanks for the reminder. The red tape is crazy.


  14. Lynn,

    Rental cars have their purpose but we sure miss our van. However, we are lucky to have that clause in our insurance policy. It is a bother but we will survive. :-)

    I appreciate the well-wishes for my family. Again, we are lucky. There are those with far worse things that a bout of the flu.


  15. I have posted my writing meme, thanks for tagging me, love you.

  16. It will be interesting to see what the insurance company does about the van. Hope you will get yours back soon.
    I love the cold weather-we don't really get much--you can send some our way. :)
    Hope ya'll are feeling better-I'm having a little sinus stuff- and I have been so tired.
    Now that it gets dark around 5:00 seems like we should be in bed by 7:00. We will get used to the time change soon.
    Hope you get all your writing done on time.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Hi Mary ~~ I hope all your family who were unwell are now better. I won't do the meme, Mary. If I had an extra hour I would either read or sleep as
    I am not a writer, and get very tired
    Thanks for your comments and concern
    for John's face. He will be OK, but I hope he doesn't have to have any more
    ~ at least for a whlle. His face hurt when he laughed yesterday, so it
    has been painful. Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.

  19. I posted my writing meme

    Don't laugh too much... it's pitiful...

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