Friday, October 12

Friday Feast

Today was my birthday, so we decided to have a feast. I cooked the Turkey with pecan and cherry stuffing that I wrote about on Monday. I also decided to try a new potato dish - Golden Potato and Apple Gratin. Here is the recipe:


1.5 cups whipping cream.

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard.

Salt & pepper to taste.

1 cooking apple (northern spy, granny smith, crispin etc.)

2 lbs. potatoes - Yukon Gold works well, as do any other types of potatoes.

2 tablespoons parmesan cheese.


Butter a shallow baking pan that will hold 8 cups.

Preheat oven to 375 F.

In a medium sized saucepan, combine Dijon mustard, cream, salt and pepper. Place on medium heat until steaming. Do not boil.

Whisk to ensure all ingredients are combined.

Set aside to cool.

While waiting, peel potatoes and slice very thin.

Peel, core and slice apples.

Pour enough cream mixture into the baking dish to cover the bottom.

Place a layer of potato slices.

Place a layer of apple slices.

Cover this layer of potatoes and apples with a portion of the cream mixture.

Continue in this way, ending with potatoes and the last of the cream mixture.

Bake for 1 hour or until potatoes and apples are tender when pierced with a fork.

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

Place back in the oven for approximately 15 minutes to melt cheese and allow the top to become crisp.

Broil for a couple of minutes if necessary

Serve piping hot.

Note: This is my version of the recipe that was originally provided by the Dairy Farmers of Canada.
Since this is harvest season, we had a lot of veggies and of course a wonderful salad to start it all off.
For dessert we had birthday cake. It was a beautiful dinner. The grandsons came and I had invited Mom but she's feeling a bit under the weather, so she declined.
I was spoiled rotten. Brandon gave me a beautiful spider plant - not the white and green one, but an all green one. Apparently it is a new type of spider plant.
Jordan gave me what (and I know this isn't politically correct, so I apologize in advance. I don't know the real name of the plant.) is called a wandering jew. If anyone knows the correct name of this plant, please let me know.
My neigbor and friend, Marianne, gave me a bed in a bag. I've never had one before, so that was a real treat.
In Ontario you have to buy your licence tags on your birthday, so that is always a big expense - I got those so I can continue to drive.
Joanne, who has been my friend for 32 years gave me $35 - a nice treat. I don't often get money to spend on myself and I will find something I really like and want with that.
Hubby wants to get me a new crock pot. We'll see.
Mom will bring her gift when she's feeling better.
I was abundantly blessed on my birthday this year. I am truly blessed with the love of family and friends and that's all that counts.
Give the potatoes a try. They're delicious.


  1. Mary!

    Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday, Dear Mary,
    Haaaappy Birthday To Yoooou!
    And many more, my friend.

    I should have remembered from the good old Suite days. We had some good birthday celebrations there, didn't we?

    At least I got here first. And oh, my, thank you so much for the beautiful Friendship Award. I will cherish it proudly.

    Love and Hugs,


  2. PS. That Golden Potato and Apple Gratin looks delicious. I copied the recipe. Thank you, Mary.



  3. Renie,

    I'm glad that you picked up the award. I thought it might lift your spirits. From the sound of that Happy Birthday, you are feeling more uplifted.

    Please let me know when your birthday is. I've forgotten. It's been a while and I apologize.

    I'm glad you liked the Friendship Award. It brightened my day to present it to you.

    Abundant Blessings,

  4. Renie,

    Amost forgot - enjoy the potato and apple gratin. It's delicious.

  5. Hi Mary ~~ It is nice to meet you and I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my post.
    I would like to wish you a belated Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day with many more to come. The recipe sounds delicious, so I will copy and try it. Take care,
    hope to see you again. Cheers, Merle.

  6. Happy Birthday, Mary!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I love beds-in-a-bag, they are so nice and cozy.

    I googled the plant for you (and me, I didn't know the real name either), according to Wikipedia the scientific name is Tradescantia Pallida, native of Mexico. But it is called Wandering Jew. They are very beautiful, I have the purple variety.

    Thanks for including the potatoe dish with this post - I'm going to try it out soon as I fix turkey often.

  7. Happy Birthday sweetie. The recipe sounds delicious.

  8. Merle,

    I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Thanks so much for the birthday greeting. It's still my birthday until midnight, so you're not late. :-) I did have a good day, thanks.

    Drop by anytime and I hope you enjoy the potato and apple gratin. We love it.


  9. Deborah,

    Thanks so much for Googling the proper name of the Wandering Jew. I appreciate it. Why didn't I think of that? I Google everything else. LOL Maybe my age is showing. :-)

    I hope you get a chance to try the recipe. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

    Take care and thanks for dropping by.


  10. Denise,

    Thanks for the birthday greeting. It's very much appreciated.


  11. Happy Birthday, Mary!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today. I just realized that I didn't do the whole tagging other people thing with the me,me post. Oops. Sorry. I blame it on my cold brain.

  12. willow,

    No problem about the tagging and thanks so much for the birthday greeting. I appreciate your friendship and am always happy to see you drop by.

    Have a Super Saturday.


  13. Well Happy Birthday! I trust you will have some family and friends to share the lovely meal.

    The potatoe and apple dish sounds lovely. Did you use Yukon Gold potatoes? I will copy it.

    I previously copied the turkey and pecan one.

    Once again, Bonne Fete!

  14. Phil,

    I didn't use Yukon Gold, but did use Russets. They worked perfectly. Yukon Gold would also work well. I've made it with all different sorts of potatoes and they all work great - just a little different taste. So, whatever type of potatoes you like, use those.

    Thanks for the birthday greeting. The dinner was quiet - well not so quiet. A nice version of Happy Birthday from Jordan - my husband and Brandon were spoil sports. LOL

    Glad to see you here again. Have a great day.


  15. Hello Mary:-) Thank you so much for joining my 50th birthday celebrations and thank you also for the beautiful birthday button! I'm so very touched that you would make that for me, I will put it on my blog with pleasure:-) I love it!! I see you had a birthday also yesterday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I hope your day was a truly wonderful one:-) Thank you again!! xox

  16. Pea,

    I loved your birthday party and wanted to get you something you'd like. Obviously a fairy was appropriate. I'm glad you like it.

    Have a Super Saturday and a wonderful birthday. Mine was great. We had a lot of fun.


  17. Happy Birthday!

    That recipe is to die for! I think I must try it!

    Thanks so much for coming by and reading my stories...actually, I think you read part two of the train story...the link at the top takes you to the first part.

    And thanks for the kind comments...I hate to sell the place, but I'll look for something similar...but with a barn and a bit more space.

  18. Rosie,

    I will look for the link to your story. I really enjoyed it.

    I will pray that you find exactly the place your looking for. I love your view. In fact, I love the Smokey Mountains. Once many years ago, I took a trip there in Autumn. We started in Tennesse and ended up in N. Carolina. It was awesome.

    Thanks for the comments on the recipe. It's doesn't take long and the potatoes are delicious.

    Drop by again. You're always welcome.


  19. Sounds like you had a really nice birthday. That pecan and cherry dressing sounds really good and the potatoes too. Yummy! I love food! lol.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  20. Dot,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the recipes. I will be visiting your blog again. Thanks for dropping by. You're welcome anytime.

    Have a great evening.

  21. Mary,

    I should have stopped by here on your birthday!! I can see you had a great one. I'm glad because you deserve it. :-)

    That potato dish sounds delicious. I bet Dave would like it, too. I'm going to have to give it a try.

    Happy Birthday, my friend!