Saturday, October 13

Spooky Halloween Treats

Each year in October, we rush out to department stores during the month of October and spend a fortune on candy. Did you know that candy manufacturers take in the most money at Halloween, Valentines Day and Easter and Christmas. These companies depend on these holidays to increase their profits and now manufacture special candy for each of them.

This year you can save a bundle of money by making your own Halloween treats. Send them to the school Halloween party or to serve at a Halloween party at your home.

The Spooky Hand


* Candy corn.
* Transparent plastic glove.
* Spider rings.
* Orange ribbon or yarn.


* Place a piece of candy corn in the end of each finger of the glove, including the thumb.
* Fill the entire glove with plain or caramel popcorn.
* Tie the wrist of each glove with orange ribbon or yarn.
* Place a spider ring on a finger of each glove.

Kids love these and it's a great treat to send to school parties or to send your child as a treat in his school lunch.

Lollipop Ghost


* Orange ribbon or yarn.
* A bag of lollipops.
* White facial tissue.
* Scissors.
* Black or orange marker.


* Center facial tissue over the center of the lollipop.
* Tie the orange yarn or ribbon just under the candy.
* Draw a face with orange or black marker.


Be certain to leave the paper on the lollipop. If you take it off, the lollipop will stick to the tissue. Also, many parents throw out unwrapped candy.

Slime Punch


* 1 large bottle of lime soft drink.
* 2 cans frozen lemonade.
* 2 cans frozen limeade.
* 2 quarts lime sherbert.
* punch bowl and cups.


* Place the limeade and lemonade in a punch bowl.
*Add the bottle of lime soft drink.
* Add lime sherbert.
* Mix and serve.


*To add more of a spooky effect, add ice that's been frozen into the shape of a hand. This is done by filling a plastic glove with water, securing the wrist and placing it in the freezer overnight. You may make a colored hand by adding a few drops of food coloring to get the color you desire. Add red and blue for a purple hand. Add yellow and red for an orange hand.

*When serving place gummy worms over the edge of the cup.


Be sure to include your children, grandchildren or a neighborhood child when making these treats. Children love to make food and preparing for Halloween is a great way to bond with a child. Enjoy!


  1. Great ideas , thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, Denise. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. I missed your birthday!! So, I'm sending along a happy birthday wish a day late! Hope you had a wonderful celebration.

    I dropped by to let you know I finally finished the 8 random fact that make me ME tag. I'm slow, I know. But yesterday we had company for a while....they're gonna leave for Florida today.

    Happy day to you Mary. [Great Halloween ideas, and I love the little Halloween wish to all on your sidebar!!]

  4. Hi Mary ~~ Thanks for your comments eand I am glad you got some rain and hope that we will too very soon.
    Glad you enjoy the jokes. Take care,
    LOve, Merle.

  5. Anni,

    No problem about missing the birthday. I've only been here a short while and didn't tell anyone until it was almost over. We did have fun and it was a great day.

    I read your 8 things and was glad to get to know you better. Thanks for participating.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Halloween graphic. It's one of my favorites and also use it as a screensaver.

    Take care and come back soon.


  6. Merle,

    So nice to see you here. I'm hoping to hear that you've had some rain.


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    Great posting,
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  9. morning glory,

    I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I've blogged before, but on another venue. This is a more friendly place.

    Thanks for the blanket invitation to visit your blog anytime. Your kindness is appreciated.


  10. David,

    It's nice to see you here again.


  11. Mary,

    I'm passing these ideas on to my daughter and daughter-in law. Neat ideas! Kids will love these.

    Hope all is well in your world.


  12. Mary,

    What cute ideas for the popcorn hand and the ghost lollipop! The slimeade is horrible. The the ice-hand in the slimeade with gummy worms is even more horrible. Well done!!!! LOL


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