Tuesday, November 6

Blogging Pays with Blogsvertise

Tonight I was following my usual routine of reading and posting on all of my favorite blogs when I came across a very interesting post at Writing the Cyber Highway. Michele had created a post about how to make money with Blogsvertise.

Always looking for additional writing assignments to bring in extra money, Michele's post piqued my interest. I could make money just by posting on my blog? This was a surprise because I had never heard of blogging for money. Excellent! I love blogging and making a little money doing something I love is very appealing. So, I followed the link in Michele's post and signed up!

Benefits of Blogsvertise

  • Being able to make a little extra cash just for writing on my blog, which I love to do.
  • There is no requirement to endorse any product. I just have to mention it and link back to it three times in my post.
  • If I don't like a product, I can even complain about it. However, I'm not usually one to complain so that probably will never happen, but I will definitely be truthful and give an honest opinion about any product or website that I review.

Do You Need Extra Cash?

If you need a little extra cash (who doesn't at this time of year,) you too can blog for money by signing up with Blogsvertise. All you have to do is follow the link in this post and sign up, which is extremely easy.


Once you fill in the information required, submit your blog for approval. It won't be long until you receive an email asking you to activate your Blogsvertise account. Then you'll be directed to write a post about Blogsvertise on your blog in order for you to be approved. It's best you do this as soon as possible. The sooner you are approved, the sooner you will get an assignment and begin making money. The post lets the folks at Blogsvertise know that you understand the process and the rules. This increases your chances of approval by Blogsvertise administration.


Once the folks at Blogsvertise give their approval, you will be given assignments. They will place your blog in the assignment queue and send you an email specifying the product, service and website that you will review on your blog. You are never required to endorse any product. All you have to do is mention said product in your post and include three links back to their website.

Once your post has been made, you submit your URL (address of the post) to Blogsvertise. When the post has been approved, your assignment is complete. Payment will be made through Pay Pal after 30 days.

The Extra Money

Of course you'd like to know how much extra money you can make through Blogsvertise. The website specifies that the rate for new accounts is between $4.00 and $25.00 per entry. The majority will fall into the range of $5. to $15. That means if you complete ten assignments in one month and they all are approved, $50 to $150 will be deposited in your Pay Pal account after 30 days. Not bad for writing on your blog, which you enjoy.

The rate you earn is based on your blog's popularity and traffic. However, the news gets even better. After you have completed 5 tasks, you are allowed to ask for a pay increase.

I have studied and explored the Blogsvertise site while writing this post, in order to familiarize myself with all there is to know and learn. This looks so easy and since I love blogging anyway, I am looking forward to making a little extra cash in time for Christmas, just by doing what I enjoy most - blogging.

So, don't be shy. I'm sure you could use some extra cash. Click on the Blogsvertise link and sign up to make a little extra money.


  1. Excellent post, Mary! Very informative, inspiring, and who couldn't use the extra cash here at the Holidays?

    I wish you the best ;0)


  2. Let us know how it goes - I'm always leary of such things! But I could certainly use some extra money.

  3. Thanks, Michele. I hope you do well with this. All we can do is give it a try.

  4. Dawn,

    I am also leary, but as long as they don't ask for money, I will give it a try.

  5. Hey, I think I'm always the MOST leary of things like this, but I know folks ARE making money blogging. And.... you're right, Mary, if they're not asking US for money and we're actually going to make a few dollars when we're going to be blogging anyway, it is certainly worth a good ole try ;0)

    Writing the Cyber Highway

  6. I wish you much success with this my sweet friend.

  7. I've heard about this and I know a couple of blogging friends who are involved with it...it seems to be on the up and up so I do wish you the very best of luck with it:-) xox

  8. Thanks, Pea. Time will tell. I'll be sure to keep you updated.