Wednesday, November 7

Live Well Wednesday

Darlene at Live Well is starting Live Well Wednesday. The idea is allow women "to to reshape their body and life, by moving faith to the forefront, making healthier lifestyle choices, and finding our worth in in the eyes of our Father.

Through "Live Well!," Darlene Schacht reveals to women how the spirit influences our soul, and how our souls greatly influence the choices we make for our bodies and lifestyle. By feeding and nurturing our spirit and soul, we free our bodies from the captivity of sin, bringing glory to God and peace to our lives."

Christian women face many challenges that women all over the world face every day. My particular battle is with my weight. Let me tell you a little about it.

When I was in elementary school, I was chubby. I wasn't teased about my weight because our principal had a very strict rule about judging others. Those were the days when the Bible was read before the day's work began. Right after Bible reading came the Lord's Prayer. No one protested, it was what was done and that was that. We also sang God Save the Queen and Oh, Canada.

All that to say that when I turned 14, I was determined to be thinner. I worked hard around the farm, so my weight wasn't a lack of exercise like it is today. But determined I was and that weight came off. The day I was married, my waist was a slim 21 inches.

The weight stayed off for years. I gained 20 pounds when I was pregnant with my daughter. The day after she was born, I weighed only one pound more that I had when I became pregnant. I was ecstatic!

After many years, I turned 35. That was the year that my weight began to skyrocket. No, I wasn't gulping down huge portions of food. I had no explanation for why I was packing on weight and neither did my doctor. "Probably genetics," he told me.

My paternal grandmother and I look a lot alike - in fact photos of her when she was younger could be mistaken for me, yet I'm not as heavy as she was. However, if I don't keep watch over my calories, I could well surpass her. I'm determined that I will not let that happen.

In 1992, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I began to control my blood sugar by diet. By 2000, I was on meds to keep my glucose levels down. In 2005, the pills weren't doing their job. Now the doctor has me on a new med that works well. My blood sugar levels are back under control.

Today, I am heavier than I've ever been in my life. I can't say I'm uncomfortable about who I am, but the weight makes me uncomfortable in a physical sense. I know I have to lose weight and have tried everything I know to do that. I lose a couple of pounds and then when I go back to the doctor, I've gained it again. Though I'm living well, measuring all of my portions, keeping a food journal and counting calories, the weight loss is going very slow.

If you are trying to lose weight, here are a few pointers on how to live well:

1. Keep a food journal and write down everything you put in your mouth. This is very important, as we taste things throughout the day that we don't realize give us lots of calories. You will be surprised at how many things you "taste" that add to the calorie count.

2. Take a half hour walk daily. You don't have to do the entire 30 minutes all at once. Three ten minute walks are better than nothing. However, if you can set aside a half hour a day, it is much better.

3. Keep carbs to a minimum. Bread and pasta can pack on the pounds without us realizing it.

4. Watch the sweets. We all love sweets, but they are full of calories.

5. Treat yourself once a week to avoid going on a spree because of cravings.

6. Walk, don't drive. If you must drive, park in the spot that is furthest from the door. Believe it or not, this little bit of exercise makes a big difference.

7. Keep a bowl of raw vegetables in the refrigerator. Carrot and celery sticks, green pepper, raw mushrooms - any kind of raw vegetable that you like. Then when you think you are hungry, eat a handful of the veggies. This will cut down on a lot of calories.

8. When you purchase fruit at the store, cut it into pieces and leave a covered container of fruit in the refrigerator. This includes watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, all types of berries and more. Do not cut apples to leave in the refrigerator, as they will turn brown when the air hits them.

9. Place a note on the refrigerator door that says, "Am are you really hungry? Do you need a snack right now?" This will make you think twice before you open the door.

10. Look to our Father to guide you along the way. Keep your eyes toward the heavens. With God's help you can achieve all things.

I had stopped doing the above ten things, but am once again looking toward the heavens. I can do this and so can you. Please let me know how you are doing. Living well will extend our lives and keep us in optimum health.


  1. Excellent post Mary! I gained weight rapidly also. [Altho I never completely recovered from my last pregnancy years ago like you did!] But my weight caused heart problems, and tho I'm positive it is genetic with me also, it scared me enough to LOSE! I lost 26 pounds before the year of my first heart problem was diagnosed....and I've tried to maintain the weight --I did gain back six pounds at one time-- I was told to WALK, walk, walk!! And that I've done since. Also, 30 minutes before I sit down to a meal at home, I drink a 16 oz bottle of bottled water. This, for me anyway, curbs my appetite to a point I don't 'overstuff' myself.

    [I really didn't mean to type a novel...I can gab a lot sometimes]

  2. Anni,

    You are welcome to gab here anytime you wish. I love hearing from you.

    I'm sorry about your health problems. I have some also. Glaucoma, diabetes, post traumatic stress syndrome and a spinal injury. However, I keep going because if not, I will lose the use of my legs.

    Thanks for the water tip. I knew that but forgot to mention it. Water and fiber make us feel full.

    Take care, Anni and drop in anytime. I always enjoy visiting with you.


  3. This is the second blog I've been to today that is participating in Live Well Wednesday...I think it is a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing your story with us and all of the great idea's!

    All I can say today is I'm very thankful all of the Halloween candy is gone from my house!

  4. T*mmy,

    I bought some minature choclate bars for Halloween and actually allowed myself to have one. Health care professionals have advised me that even though I am a diabetic, I should treat myself once in a while to avoid binging. I usually have a small treat of some kind every Friday.

    Thanks for the comments. Have a great day.

  5. A wonderful post dear Mary! I was always very thin growing up and it wasn't until my first baby that I gained a lot of weight. After that I seemed to yo-yo up and down. In the last 5 years I've gained weight and although I've tried to lose it, it's been very hard. I should follow your tips and see if they work for me!! xoxo

  6. Pea,

    I don't think it matters about weight unless you feel uncomfortable with it either emotionally or physically - OR if the excess weight is enough to present a health problem.

    Blessings, my dear friend and thanks for stopping by.

  7. Mary,

    Great tips on living well. I, too, am a diabetic. I think you know this. I was diagnosed 4 years ago. Since then, I lost 30 pounds, and have maintained my current weight. In fact, the doctor told me last week that he doesn't want me to go below the 104 pounds I now weigh. I am very careful of what I eat. Always low carb, and for treats, I go for sugar free things. I have recipes for pancakes and dumplings, and even cookies, and they are all very low carb. Pancakes are made with almond flour/meal.

    I am determined to live a healthy life style without feeling deprived.

    Live Well Wednesday is a super idea!



  8. Hi Mary,

    Great tips on living healthy! I've always battled my weight, too, although there have been times I was a size 5/6.

    In the past, I ballooned up to near 300 pounds! I've now lost over 100 and am a "semi-healthy size 12" working towards the single digits. I say semi because for my height I should weigh less and be in the single digits, but I'm much healthier than I once was.

    I say low carb is the way to go. It worked for me anyway. No, not the low carb snacks and cereals, but real food:

    raw nuts/seeds

    I also don't eat meat anymore and try to stay away from bread, pasta, etc., except for occasionally.

    Like you said, as a treat.

    When I reached my 100 pound mark, my Mother took me to my favorite restaurant to celebrate. Mexican--Yum-0!

    I was also on diabetic medication, but now that I've lost the majority of my weight, I no longer need it. So, that's a positive ;0)

    Best wishes for good health!

    Writing the Cyber Highway

  9. Thanks for the great tips my friend, cheering you on. We can both live well, love you.

  10. Renie,

    Congratulations on losing the weight. Is this the weight that is recommended for your height and body mass? Everyone is different and we need to be aware of how much we should weigh. Not only because of being overweight, but some people actually are underweight. My body mass and height says I should weight between 115 and 125 pounds. (I wish)

    Glad you are doing so well. Low carb is definitely the way to go. We don't have very many diabetic foods here and they don't serve any in restaurants. The last time I was to the States, I had many treats and never gained one pounds. I also kept my blood sugar under control.

    Thanks for visiting.

  11. Michele,

    It's a constant battle, isn't it? Congratulations! You're doing awesome. 100 pound weight loss is something to celebrate, for sure. I'm glad you are no longer on the diabetes medications.

    If I could lose 50 pounds, I probably wouldn't have to take mine either, but no matter what I do, I can't seem to shake the pounds. I saw a show on the Learning Channel the other day and I'm wondering if my thyroid is not working properly. So, next time I see the doctor, I will ask for it to be checked.

    Thanks for dropping by. I always enjoy your visits.

    Blessings for a great day.

  12. Denise,

    Thank you for your encouragement. Your friendship is dear to me.


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