Friday, November 9

A Salute to the Veterans Who Have Touched My Life

Sunday November 11, is Remembrance Day in Canada. It is a day to honour veterans for the sacrifice they've made to assure we live in freedom. So, in honour of Remembrance Day, I would like to introduce you to the veterans who have touched my life.

Private Frederick Willson - my Dad. This photo was taken in 1940 when he was in basic training.

This is my Uncle Bill. He served with the Hamilton Light Infantry and was sent to England early during WWII. He participated in Operation Jubilee and landed on the beach at Dieppe, France. His best friend died on that beach in my uncle's arms. He was wounded and when he recuperated, he moved into Caan, France. It was there that he was wounded so badly that he was shipped home.

Dieppe was a military disaster. Hundreds of soldiers died on that beach. There were four landings that day and Uncle Bill landed right at Dieppe. The German soldiers were aware that the troops were moving in and they shot the men as they landed. Some were still in the water when they lost their lives. Uncle Bill didn't talk about the landing much, but the one thing I remember was that he said the water was red with blood. Now that I've studied the landing, I'm surprised that anyone survived. I'm glad that Uncle Bill came home. He was a lot of fun and always had time for us when we were kids.

This is my Uncle Bert. He was stationed in British Columbia during WWII. He was a guard at the Japanese Interment Camp there. When it came time, he was shipped overseas and took part in the Liberation of Holland.

I give thanks that so many young men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice in order that we may live in freedom. I salute those men and women from Canada and the US, as well as all other countries who are now far from home and family, serving their countries. Let's pray that they will all come home.


  1. Mary,

    Thank you for sharing the stories and photos of the handsome and brave soldiers in your family. We owe so much to the veterans in both our countries. Thank you for this heartfelt tribute to remind us of the importance of Rememberance Day and Veteran's Day.


  2. Tina,

    Thank you for your kind words. I miss all of them very much. Uncle Bill was a lot of fun and of course I miss my Dad. Uncle Bert was quiet, but loved us kids and would always lend a helping hand along with Dad and Uncle Bill. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


  3. What an amazing story with your uncle. I can see why he wouldn't want to talk about that day. It must of been aweful for him!

    Thanks for sharing. We need to support our service men, they truly do need to know that their country is behind them.

    Thank you again. :)

  4. Thanks for posting this honor to your relatives. I salute them. Sometimes we citizens of the USA forget what an important role the Canadians played in WWII. Thanks for reminding us!

  5. What precious blessings your dad, and uncles were. Thanks so much for sharing them with us my friend.

  6. I feel touched by your story.
    Always nice to hear that uncles made an effort to be there for the niece and nephews!

  7. Mary
    Silly me would pop over and see the sticky post and not scroll down so I thought you might be sick then this morning I saw the first RED SENTENCE and have just finished reading all the post.

    I think snow on flowers is so very pretty and I love the white stuff. I sure hope Middle Tn gets a good one this year.

    The tribute to your family was very touching. The WWII vets are disappearing in a huryy. Our neighbor Mr. Jackson was wounded in Chez area but never talked about it. He had to wear a special shoe with a three inch sole from his injury in the war.

    You are a Wilson, my MIL was a Wilson and her full name is Mary Thomas Wilson Herndon. She also had an Uncle Albert Wilson and an Uncle Owen Wilson. They never had any children and her father, Thomas Black Wilson Jr had only two girls so since she was the baby, she was named after him.
    Her grandfather Thomas Black Wilson Sr was a Captain in the Conferate army, I have posted him on my blog. Her Grandfather on her mother's side was a Union sympathizer so at the time his family in Nashville was not well received.

    I am so happy I finally read to scroll down.
    Sorry I got so lengthy in reply.
    Peace be with you.

  8. Lady Di,

    Welcome! I did a sticky post for the Christmas Blessings post. I know some of my readers are just seeing that one. However, it is for a great cause.

    Interesting about the Wilson clan and their history during the Civil War. I am a Civil War buff and love learning all I can about it. It was a sad time in US history.

    Thanks so much for your comments. I always enjoy your visits.


  9. Thanks to Everyone who posted about the tribute to my relatives. Uncle Bill lived with shrapnel near his heart from the day he was wounded in Caan. In 1980, that shrapnel moved and hit his heart, killing him 40 years later. I still miss his humorous ways and the fun we had with him.

    Blessings to each of you,

  10. Love the pictures!
    Paw Paw has some great memories of war times. Well not great memories --but great stories.
    He got in on the end of the war and remembers them shooting off the guns on the boats when the end of the war was declared.He remembers seeing the tracer bullets lighting up the sky.

  11. Not many World War II vets left. All my Uncle on my mom side served in WWII.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sharon,

    Paw Paw would have some great stories to tell about the war. Be sure to record them or write them for future generations. There were great celebrations here at home when the war ended. Thanks for posting.


    Not all of my uncles served. There were two that were too old and several that were too young. However, I do know a lot of seniors, both men and women, who served.

    Thanks, Ladies for sharing.

  13. What a lovely and moving tribute.

  14. Wonderful post to honor your family veterans. Thank you for sharing their stories. I have two sons in the service now who have both served tours in Iraq and will be going back in the spring. Such a relief when they came home and so hard to think of them going again...

  15. Wonderful post Mary! I think it is great that you still have pictures of your Veteran loved ones!

  16. Lynn,

    Thank you for your kind comments. I'm glad you dropped in.


    I'm so glad your sons returned safely from Iraq and understand how hard it will be when it's time for them to return. I will keep them in my prayers.


    Mom had kept the photos safely in a little box in her drawer all these years and was nice enough to allow me to scan them a few years ago when I created a veteran's page on my website.

    Thanks for all the nice comments. You are all special to me.

  17. What a touching post about these wonderful men you cherish, Mary, as well as all those that have served and are still serving for our freedom!

    Truly touching...


  18. A beautiful entry. Thank you.


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